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Leveraging smart business buying solutions to further drive operational efficiencies and community impact.

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In the heart of the East Midlands, Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA) provides vital housing and community services to over 20,000 residents. Established in 1973, NCHA has become a cornerstone of affordable housing and community welfare across six counties.


Before partnering with Amazon Business, NCHA faced many procurement challenges. Several rogue Amazon and Amazon Business accounts had been set up across the organisation, which led to a lack of visibility and control over spending, creating inefficiencies and compliance risks. These rogue accounts often resulted in purchases from categories that should have been sourced from specific suppliers with whom NCHA had contracts, further complicating the procurement process. In search of operational efficiency, paired with their commitment to social responsibility, NCHA needed a solution that would consolidate their processes and align with their sustainability goals.


NCHA received free dedicated support from Amazon Business to help resolve their purchasing challenges and create one central account suited for the future. Consolidating all rogue Amazon spend into a single Amazon Business account provided a significant benefit by streamlining procurement; providing full visibility of spend and the ability to put procurement guardrails in place. With support from Amazon Business’s Professional Services team, NCHA experienced a seamless transition from scoping to launch of their primary account, facilitating a smooth onboarding process for their buyers. Training was also provided to ensure that colleagues were confident with the new process.

“Since launching the central Amazon Business account, we are now able to direct spend to support wider organisational goals through guided buying. Guided Buying has been instrumental in helping NCHA support our local suppliers, thereby strengthening the local economy while ensuring purchases reflect the association’s environmental and social priorities.” 

— Rebecca Hoey, Procurement and Value Officer at NCHA

NCHA has experienced benefits since their new account launched in October 2023:

  • Enhanced Control and Spend Compliance: By centralising their procurement processes and leveraging the YPO Digital Marketplace Framework, NCHA has gained unparalleled visibility and control over their spending, ensuring adherence to internal purchasing policies and UK public sector procurement regulations.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlined management of suppliers and contracts has significantly reduced delivery costs and incidental spending. With Business Prime, NCHA has achieved an 80% reduction in delivery fees during the first 8 months post-launch compared to the previous 8 months, showcasing the tangible benefits of one central Amazon Business account.
  • Informed Decision-Making: With Amazon Business Analytics, NCHA now enjoys detailed insights that drive smarter, more effective purchasing decisions.

“The Climate Pledge Friendly [Guided Buying] filter has enabled NCHA colleagues to easily identify and select sustainable products, supporting the commitments we have made to reduce our impact on planet earth."

— Rebecca Hoey, Procurement and Value Officer at NCHA

Looking ahead, NCHA will continue to leverage smart business buying solutions to further drive operational efficiencies and community impact. Regular account reviews with their dedicated account manager will also ensure that procurement activities remain aligned with organisational goals, further maximising the benefits of their centralised Amazon Business account.

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