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Reshape buying. Accelerate your goals.


Join us for Amazon Business Reshape 2022, the premier global event for procurement professionals across enterprise, public sector, and SMB. Industry experts and Amazon leaders will share insights on how to create value for organisations by using the latest in purchasing innovations.

  • Save time and money

    Best practices to streamline purchasing, save time, and reduce costs

  • Accelerate digital transformation

    Strategies for digital transformation using machine learning and analytics

  • Build supply resiliency

    Procurement strategies to increase resilience and reduce risk

  • Amazon Business announcements

    New Amazon Business announcements and product deep dives

Meet a few of your Reshape speakers...

  • Amazon business

    Mike Kernish

    General Manager

    Public Sector

    Amazon Business

  • Amazon business

    Andrea Deichert Oswald

    General Director – Supplier Diversity and Procurement Operations

    Union Pacific Railroad


  • Amazon business

    Chris Costello

    General Manager

    United States

    Amazon Business


  • Amazon business

    Mark Miller

    Global Leader for Business Prime

    Amazon Business

  • Amazon business

    Nabil De Marco

    General Manager


    Amazon Business

  • Amazon business

    Norihito Ishibashi

    General Manager


    Amazon Business

Session highlights

  • Strategic sourcing continues to be a leadership priority to drive organisational objectives such as cost reduction, digital transformation, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In this session, you will learn how enterprises are using Amazon Business digital purchasing solutions to increase agility and efficiency, and accelerate growth. You’ll hear proven strategies and best practices from global Fortune 500 companies to help you reshape buying.

  • Even with environmental and sustainability goals in place, many organisations do not have effective sourcing strategies or the right technology to purchase more responsibly. In this session, you will learn how to implement successful programs to easily identify and source from credentialed diverse, local, and small businesses, and how to use digital tools to gain visibility into purchasing patterns to ensure progress with sustainability goals.

  • Digitizing procurement operations has allowed many organisations to meet sourcing demands, boost productivity, and optimise costs. In this session, you will uncover ways to use intelligent procurement, powered by machine learning and analytics, to automate and simplify processes for your teams to buy for work, track spend and purchasing patterns for improved decision making, and scale digital procurement through integrations and payment solutions.

  • In this session, you will learn about new Business Prime features that can help you realise greater savings and efficiencies. We will share tips on how to get the most from your Business Prime membership, demo our most popular features, and highlight how organisations use tools such as Guided Buying and Spend Visibility to gain spend intelligence and improve decision making.

  • Procurement isn’t just for enterprises. Rapid growth in startups and smaller organisations can come with long vendor lists, tedious invoices, and lack of visibility into spending. In this session, we’ll show you how small and medium businesses (SMB) can automate routine buying processes to save time and simplify operations, make better data-driven decisions using real-time analytics, and empower employees with the tools and business selection they need for work.

  • The global landscape has fundamentally shifted, accelerating the need and desire for supply chains to broaden their mission and deliver competitive advantage. In response, top-performing chief procurement officers (CPOs) are expanding their horizons, embracing not only profitability but the business purpose and the human element to create the capabilities needed for organisational success.

  • Rigid models to ensure strong controls and spend management have been at the center of procurement strategy for decades. The past few years have thrown these models off-balance, and combined with accelerating pace of business, organisations are recalibrating what it means to be both efficient and agile. Gain insights on how to prepare for future market disruptions to shorten recovery time and increase time to revenue.

    In this session, learn how organisations are reshaping processes to:
    *Balance efficiency with agility in procurement and sourcing strategies.
    *Manage risk exposure while building supplier redundancy and diversity.
    *Identify opportunities for automation to increase visibility and resilience.

  • Looking to optimise purchasing operations to reduce costs, save time, and meet diverse supply demands? Discover how leaders from small and medium businesses are empowering employees to get the supplies they need so they can focus on the organisational mission. In this session, we will share ways to simplify business buying, accelerate sourcing, and reduce spend while delivering business value.

  • A host of new products and solutions are ready to help Amazon Business customers get the most out of their procurement strategies, with time-saving tools designed to make purchasing more efficient across your organisation. Tune into Product Flash to see the latest software solutions from Amazon Business built to advance the procurement experience for you and your team.

  • In this session, you will learn about new Business Prime features that can help you realise greater savings and efficiencies. We will share tips on how to get the most from your Business Prime membership, demo our most popular features, and highlight how organisations use tools such as Guided Buying and Spend Visibility to gain spend intelligence and improve decision making


    In this session, you will:
    *Learn how Amazon Business can help you reach your sustainability goals, encourage small business buying, and increase supplier diversity.
    *Watch a demo of Guided Buying, a software tool designed to drive buying behavior across your organisation.
    *Hear top tips from to help you adopt more socially responsible buying practices.

  • Digital procurement allows businesses to scale savings, efficiencies, and insights across the organisation at an unprecedented pace. The latest software solutions from Amazon Business are designed to accelerate the benefits from digital transformation.

    In this session, learn how new technologies from Amazon Business can help you:
    *Streamline purchasing for your buyers and stakeholders.
    *Advance procurement strategies with enhanced choice and automated experiences.
    *Accelerate growth with a network of trusted solutions.

  • Amazon Business gives organisations the power to integrate their shopping experience with over 100 buying tools from a network of partners, including the top global eProcurement systems. Organisations that take advantage of integrations streamline their purchasing processes and realise value from the tools their buyers use every day.

    In this session, learn how integrating your buying tools with Amazon Business can:
    *Drive savings and efficiencies across your organisation.
    *Boost compliance with procurement policies and controls.
    *Reduce security risks and simplify access for buyers.

  • Monitoring and reporting on organisational spend has become increasingly complex. To succeed, organisations need greater visibility into spend to drive compliance and scale business buying. Join our presentation to learn the tools taking organisations to the next level.

    In this session, you will learn how analytic insights are helping organisations:
    *Visualise spend through custom reports and dashboards with Amazon Business Analytics and Spend Visibility.
    *Boost compliance and encourage buyers with Guided Buying.
    *Maintain control and guardrails with Budget Management.

  • When purchasing for an organisation, selection, flexibility and efficiency are top of mind. To bring greater value and scale for growth, organisations need tools that empower them to work more productively. Gain insights into Amazon Business payment solutions and how you can leverage these for your business.

    In this session hear how companies are using payment solutions to:
    *Focus on business growth by automating accounting and administrative tasks.
    *Reshape buying processes with more innovative solutions.
    *Drive efficiency in purchasing and beyond through eInvoicing, PBA, IBA and many more solutions.

  • DX has become one of the most important business agenda for the companies around the world. It is going to be even more important in the era of uncertainty. How has DX been accepted by the organisations in Japan, and what are the unique challenges of adopting it? In this session, we will discuss (1) the current Initiative for E-Invoice in Japan which will drive DX in B2B commerce with Mr.Kato of the Digital Agency and (2)the efficiency of indirect operations and corporate departments with freee who provides accounting software to millions of businesses. Also, we will introduce AB's latest products to help accelerate the digitalization.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Reshape is a free learning conference hosted by Amazon Business for the global business community. The 2022 virtual event features keynotes, leadership and product sessions, customer and industry panels, and much more.

  • The event is ideal for supply chain and procurement decision makers and practitioners across public and private sectors, from enterprises to SMB and startup organisations. 

  • You will recieve an email invite to the event site in Mid-February.

  • This event will not support a live q&a portion on any of our sessions. We will support a chat version of questions that will direct you to a SME

  • We apologise for any issue you are experiencing. Please reach out to

  • Yes! We encourage you to invite your colleagues to attend Reshape. 

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