Ways to save with Amazon Business

5 Ways to Save with Amazon Business

Achieve greater value with Amazon Business. We know savings go beyond price: save your time and energy, so you can focus on what matters most: your customers and your business.

With a shopping experience tailored to businesses and features that make buying more efficient, you can spend less time stocking your business and more time serving your customers. A 2019 study showed that 94 percent of business owners surveyed who buy supplies at brick-and-mortar stores spend up to ten hours a week on shopping trips and managing receipts.1 We know savings go beyond price. It’s also about saving you and your team’s time and energy, so they can focus on what matters most: your customers and your business.




Here are five ways you can save with a free Amazon Business account:


Amazon business

Spend time on what matters

  • To keep your business running you need the right supplies and to minimise costs. We know small business owners often lack time to shop in multiple places, compare products and negotiate prices. Amazon Business simplifies buying by bringing together hundreds of thousands of sellers in one place. We offer products across multiple categories and at prices offered exclusively to businesses. This lets you focus your time on your customers to move you, your team and your business forward.

Bulk buying

Get discounts when you buy in bulk

  • With Amazon Business you can access discounts when you buy more than one item on selected products through the Quantity Discounts feature. If you don’t see a Quantity Discount on an item you need, you can request one from multiple suppliers. This means you can save on the items you buy the most.

Business Prime

Unlock more savings with Business Prime

  • You can make further savings with a Business Prime membership, taking advantage of unlimited free one-day delivery on eligible items, consolidated delivery and Amazon Day – predictable and convenient weekly deliveries.


Evaluate your spending

  • We know it’s important to minimise costs, whether you’re a small business or a large global organisation. Amazon Business Analytics lets you see quickly and easily what you are spending and where. This can save you time and identify savings opportunities with reports and dashboards which you can customise to your needs.

Deals and Savings

Everyday deals and savings

  • With an Amazon Business account, access our Savings Hub to find new business offers and discounts. Or check out daily deals in our Business Savings and Sales store on everything you need, from office essentials to cleaning products.

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