Connect your systems to simplify purchasing 


Simplify your purchasing processes

by integrating systems to drive efficiencies

and quickly discover insights. 

Provide your organisation easy and secure access to products on Amazon Business

  • Integrate purchasing systems using Punchout

    It’s easy to get more from your existing purchasing system by connecting it to Amazon Business. Users will access the selection and convenience available on Amazon Business while maintaining the compliance, management, and control provided by your existing system.
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  • Simplify buys with Punch-in

    Your buyers can begin their purchases on the Amazon Business website and take advantage of the familiar shopping experience to add selected items to the cart, and then use your organisation’s eProcurement system for checkout.

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  • Boost your eProcurement with Integrated Search

    Most purchases start with a search for a product. Amazon Business can offer all customers a completely integrated search experience within any eProcurement system.

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  • Enable Single Sign-on (SSO)

    Amazon Business Single Sign-on (SSO) provides your organisation with a centralised and secure way to access your business account. Simplify onboarding by letting your buyers use their existing corporate credentials instead of having to create and manage additional passwords.

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  • Simplify reconciliation with detailed transaction data

    Gain access to line-item transaction details delivered to your spend management system when you integrate with Amazon Business. Better transaction data gives your corporate card administrators greater visibility and control over your organisation’s spending.

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“Not only were we able to secure prices cheaper than we were getting previously, but the time invested in procurement was massively reduced. I wouldn’t hesitate to say to colleagues it has massive benefits - for both teachers and the finance team - that they should take advantage of.”

— Rob Owens, Chief Operating Officer, Stephenson Multi-Academy Trust

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    Amazon Business launches "Punch-in"

    A new procurement tool for businesses to simplify the buying experience.

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    Streamline your purchasing experience with Integrated Search

    With Integrated Search, Amazon Business can offer all our business customers a completely integrated search experience within any eProcurement system, with no punchout required.

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