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Manage VAT invoices on Amazon Business


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Manage your VAT invoices on Amazon Business

Amazon Business has two types of sellers – business sellers and non-business sellers. Business sellers offer millions of products with VAT-exclusive prices and provide easily downloadable VAT invoices. For non-business sellers, VAT invoices need to be requested from the seller. Use Amazon Business to easily identify and filter products that automatically come with a downloadable VAT invoice.

  • Access VAT-exclusive pricing

    Compare competing VAT-exclusive offers from multiple sellers on millions of products and decide which offer is right for you.

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  • Identify products without a VAT invoice

    Use VAT invoice policies to display a ‘restricted’ or ‘blocked‘ flag in search results and product pages for items without an automatically downloadable VAT invoice.

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  • Set VAT invoice policies

    Guide your company spend and implement policies, choosing to restrict or block products without a downloadable VAT invoice.

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  • Download VAT invoices

    Obtain individual invoices, or save time by downloading in bulk from Business Analytics within your account.

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  • Invoice By Amazon

    Save time through a single supplier solution where you can gain access to products from Amazon and third party sellers, and only receive invoices from Amazon Business EU Sarl as your single supplier. 

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