Shipping and delivery

Choose the shipping option that keeps your business moving forward 


Maintain flexibility by getting the items you need, when you need them.  

Manage your delivery experience

Customise your delivery preferences to get items when, where, and how you need them. If you have an Amazon Business account and are an Administrator, edit delivery preferences for your shared addresses under Business Settings. If you are a purchaser, customise delivery preferences for your individual address.(Applies to shipments delivered by Amazon Logistics.)

  • Predictable delivery

    Manage your delivery preferences to receive your orders when it’s most convenient. Set your business hours, holiday schedule, and add delivery instructions to notify drivers of specific details needed to make sure your orders get to the right place.

  • Consolidated shipping

    Consolidate items and receive fewer deliveries. With Amazon Day from Business Prime, choose two days in a week to receive all of your Amazon Business orders helping increase receiving efficiency.

  • Fast, FREE business shipping

    Get fast, FREE delivery for your business (on eligible orders) including Same-Day and One-Day shipping.

Don’t have an Amazon Business account?

  • Choose days and times during which you'd like shipments delivered

    Choose preferred weekdays and times to receive shipments. Identify business closure days and holidays on which you cannot receive deliveries.

  • Provide customised instructions for seamless delivery

    Provide instructions for how you want shipments delivered. For example, identify locations such as a loading dock or mail room or front office where shipments can be delivered, provide access code to enter your building etc.

  • Leverage same-day shipping

    Enable same-day shipping if your business can accept deliveries during evening hours.

  • Enable pallet deliveries

    Choose pallet deliveries on eligible large shipments if your business is capable of receiving pallets. Amazon Business offers pallet deliveries to commercial addresses whenever possible.

  • Consolidate shipments for convenient delivery

    Business Prime members can now choose up to two weekdays to receive eligible shipments from Amazon Business. Enjoy fewer weekly deliveries and boxes. Focus on daily productivity instead of daily deliveries.

  • Edit delivery addresses and preferences at any time

    Have your delivery needs changed? Update your individual or shared addresses, edit delivery preferences, and continue to receive your shipments when you need them

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Success story

"We’re a hyper-market-driven organization managing more than 12,000 vacation properties around the world. I can’t think of any other supplier that can operate with the reach and scale we need. Having Amazon Business as a resource we can depend on is very important."

– Kevin Blair, Director of Supply Chain Operations, Vacasa


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