Managing your account

Configure your account to fit your organisation


Leverage digitalised processes

and reduce manual, paper-based workflows. 

Get the most out of your account as an administrator

Manage how your organisation purchases

Establish purchasing guidelines for your account and use out-of-the box features to manage users and track spend.

  • Create flexible accounts

    Easily create purchasing groups, add administrators and edit users and permissions to manage how your teams purchase. Connect to your existing purchasing systems through single sign-on and punchout integrations.

  • Support purchasing operations

    Set buying preferences, restrictions and custom messages on specified categories, products or suppliers with Guided Buying (available with Business Prime).

  • Manage order workflows

    Create multi-tiered approval workflows to approve every purchase or only those above a set threshold. Manage your approvals centrally or with distributed approvals to group administrators.
  • Set your delivery schedule

    Set preferences to receive your deliveries when it’s most convenient. Specify business hours and add delivery instructions to help your purchases get to the right place.
  • Invoice By Amazon

    Save time through a single supplier solution where you can gain access to products from Amazon and third party sellers, and only receive invoices from Amazon Business EU Sarl as your single supplier. 

Get moving with Amazon Business