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Invoice By Amazon - Amazon Business Single Supplier Program


Now available in the UK for

shipments within the UK

A single supplier solution to simplify your supplier management while providing access to millions of products

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    How it works

    Order millions of products sourced from thousands of sellers on Amazon Business, with single supplier experience.

    For eligible products, you will receive all invoices from Amazon Business EU Sarl with one consistent supplier tax registration number per delivery country

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    Benefits for your organisation

    You will not incur any costs for approving, onboarding and maintaining multiple suppliers for your purchases on Amazon Business. You will no longer need to cancel and reissue purchase orders with updated supplier details.

  • Amazon business

    Source from many sellers without managing them individually

    Instant access to products from Amazon and thousands of third party sellers on Amazon but with Amazon Business EU Sarl as your single supplier. You don't need to manage third party sellers in your procurement system which can help to simplify your accounts payable processes.

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    Save time through seamless VAT invoicing processes

    Consistent supplier tax details and VAT rates mean there is no need to worry about manually adjusting purchase orders to match invoices.**

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Currently, customers can only sign up for Invoice by Amazon on our German website for shopping and shipping within the EU and on our UK website for shopping and shipping within the UK (including Northern Ireland). Republic of Ireland customers that prefer the Invoice by Amazon experience can enroll and shop on our German ( website for shipping within the EU.

  • When enrolled in Invoice by Amazon, you will purchase and receive invoices for all qualifying products from Amazon Business EU Sarl, a Luxembourg entity with VAT registrations in all EU Member States and UK. Our invoices to you will reflect the relevant domestic VAT treatment in the delivery location.

  • No, the Invoice By Amazon program is available free of charge.

  • No, the Invoice by Amazon program is available free of charge and there are no extra fees for purchasing an item through the program.

  • No, there will be no selection impact for items without a single supplier invoicing experience. Restricting items without a single supplier invoicing experience still enables employees to purchase items, but provides a warning when doing so. Selection will only be reduced for items with the single supplier experience.

  • In order to add this feature to your account, first navigate to business settings. The buying policies & approvals tab will enable a new policy to be added. Select restrict products not sold by Amazon or block products not sold by Amazon within the product policies tab.

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