Simplified sourcing 

for healthcare


Healthcare is complex. Buying shouldn’t be.

  • Save administrators time

    Save administrators' time

    Consolidate non-contract spend to one purchasing channel for categories like office supplies, IT equipment and cleaning products and tools.  

  • Reduce operating costs

    Reduce operating costs

    Confirm that you’re getting the best value in a purchasing environment that lets you easily compare prices and customer reviews.

  • Drive efficiencies across the supply chain

    Drive efficiencies

    Control rogue spend, monitor compliance to policies and negotiated agreements, and integrate with your existing systems.

COVID-19 Supplies

Prioritised for healthcare and public sector organisations on Amazon Business.  

Features built for the unique needs of the healthcare industry

We’re improving the way healthcare organisations source and purchase products, making supply chains more efficient, simplifying contract administration and bringing comparison shopping to healthcare.

  • Selection & pricing advantages

    Compare multiple offers from competing sellers, access new offers daily and get volume discounts on eligible orders.

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  • Workflow

    Easily approve staff purchases and share approved payment methods. Maintain control with spend limits and category restrictions.
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  • Analytics

    Get real-time data on spending, stock-outs and delivery so you can make smarter purchasing decisions.

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  • Integrations

    Integrate with over 80 of the top industry ERP and purchasing systems with Amazon Business as a punch-out solution.

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Get the best of Amazon Business with Business Prime

Simplify purchasing and empower your team with premium benefits like reporting and advanced analytics, Guided Buying, Spend Visibility and managed deliveries.


  • Fast, FREE delivery

    Get FREE One-Day Delivery on eligible items, consolidated shipping and Amazon Day – predictable and convenient weekly deliveries.

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  • Spend Visibility

    Track and analyse spending patterns for insights that can help inform your budgeting decisions and buying policies.


  • Guided Buying

    Create rules that help guide buyers to approved products, helping prevent procurement violations.

  • Cost savings

    Unlock savings on the products your organisation buys the most.

Amazon Business works for all types of healthcare organisations

A central source for healthcare professionals to purchase IT, office, caretaker supplies,and more for your surgery, clinic or specialised care facility.

  • Hospitals and primary care trusts

    Hospitals and primary care trusts can integrate with existing procurement systems and streamline purchasing between facilities throughout the supply chain. 

  • Social care

    In-home health, care homes and specialised healthcare centres can easily manage purchasing across multiple locations, even with limited inventory capacity and rotating staff.

  • Dentists

    With professional dental supplies, dental offices can spend less time purchasing, and more time growing their practice.

  • Alternative care

    Behavioural health facilities and alternative medical practices can do more with minimal resources by consolidating sourcing for a wide array of supplies.

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