local business

  Invest in your communities by purchasing from local businesses

Use Amazon Business to meet your buy local initiatives

Find and purchase products from sellers in your area by shopping on Amazon Business. Our features make it easy to buy the products you need while supporting the growth of local businesses and strengthening community relationships.

  • shop local sellers

    Guide buyers to local sellers

    Implement organisation-wide or departmental buying policies to highlight and prefer local sellers*. Administrators can personalise a message for buyers explaining the policy, set a pricing threshold for offers, and customise the area you prefer as local.

  • save time

    Reduce time searching for local sellers

    Highlight offers from preferred local sellers within the buyer’s shopping experience based on criteria set by the account administrator. Buyers can choose between offers from local or other sellers all in one place.

  • simplify reporting

    Simplify reporting on goals

    Track spend with local businesses and simplify reporting on corporate or team goals. Use Amazon Business Analytics to create exportable reports of orders filtered by country, nation, county or city.

How buyers discover preferred local sellers

Buyers will see offers from preferred local sellers highlighted as “Organisation preferred” within their shopping experience.

Amazon Business Analytics report

Improve visibility of local spend by creating spend reports filtered by country, nation, county or city.

*Amazon considers a seller’s primary business address as their location when creating a Prefer local seller policy.

Get started with local buying

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