Buying the right supplies for your office just got easier

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    Buying office supplies with Amazon Business

    Whether you’re starting a new business or you’ve been running your business for awhile, buying office furnishings and office supplies can be time consuming. Read this guide for our advice on how to buy office supplies for work.

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  • Tips

    Tips to save time and money buying office supplies

    Buying office supplies can be time consuming, especially for small business owners who have to manage their own purchasing. Here are five tips to help small business owners save time and money buying office supplies.

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    Paper types, sizes and weights guide

    Picking the right paper for your business greatly depends on how you are going to use it and how much you will need. Weight, types, sizes, and other attributes can vary for each paper type, so knowing what each of these categories entails will help you make smarter purchasing decisions.

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Amazon Business for Office Supplies

Discover Millions of Office Products

Save money on office supplies and products and simplify purchasing with Amazon Business.

Move your organisation forward with Amazon Business

  • Same Amazon you know and love – but for business!
  • Easier and more cost-effective business purchasing
  • Access hundreds of millions of products 
  • Options for fast, free shipping
  • Business-only pricing on eligible items



How can Amazon help with buying wholesale office supplies?

Amazon has reinvented your shopping experience at home – and this now extends to businesses looking for office supplies. We put hundreds of millions of products at your fingertips, with many offering a discount for bulk orders.


So, whether you’re looking for bulk office desk supplies or enough desks and chairs to equip a new headquarters – whether you’re a start-up or stadium-sized – we’ve got your back.

Ordering is easy too, with a free, easy-to-use account and options for fast, free shipping. Because we know your time is precious.


Benefits of using Amazon Business for office supplies

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    Streamline purchasing

    Separate your personal and work purchases. Create multi-user accounts so employees can purchase what they need, while you track spending. 

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    Get Quantity Discounts

    Save 5% or more with Quantity Discounts on over 60 million products starting at just two units of the same item.

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    Choose Shipping Options

    Get free shipping on qualifying orders and create personalised delivery settings that work better for you, like deliveries only during business hours.

Centralise buying wholesale office supplies

Sourcing wholesale office supplies used to be laborious and time consuming. When you buy office supplies with Amazon Business you can expect a much simpler, smoother process.

  • Buy from a single location

    Keep things simple with access to multiple suppliers from one store – freeing up time for you to focus on other business tasks.

  • Automate your orders

    Spend less time searching and ordering office supplies for your business by signing up for recurring deliveries.

  • For every business

    Amazon Business is for anyone who purchases things for work. Whether you run your own florist or work in corporate procurement, you’ll enjoy significant benefits.

Save money on office supplies

Whether you’re buying for a corporate brand or your own small business, you need value for money when buying office supplies. Save money with these tips:

  • Understand your inventory

    Amazon Business has best-in-class inventory management tools. By using these tools to track what you’re buying and when, you can understand what you may be buying too much of and avoid purchasing at the wrong time.

  • Buy office supplies in bulk

    By learning about your inventory, you can find opportunities to order certain office supplies in bulk. For example, if you get through a similar number of notepads each month, it makes sense to order everything at once.

  • Set up recurring deliveries

    Similarly, you can also set up automated deliveries. If the pile of envelopes on your desk always disappears before Friday, set up a recurring delivery for a fresh batch of them every Thursday afternoon.

  • Monitor your spend

    See what you’re spending on office supplies with powerful Amazon analytics tools baked into your Amazon Business account. Get custom reports to identify opportunities for even more savings later on.

Learn more about saving time and money with Amazon Business

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Office supplies and equipment offered by Amazon

Get a world of business office supplies at your fingertips with Amazon Business.

  • Office desk supplies

    Tidy desk = tidy mind. Get desk organisers, staples and staplers, hole punches, and so much more.

  • Office organisation supplies

    An organised office is a happy office. Explore drawer sets, shelving, whiteboards, and much more. Don’t forget the desk tidy.

  • Paper and card

    We may be printing less, but paper still has its place. Get bumper-sized packs of printer paper as well as notepads and sticky notes.

  • Pens and highlighters

    Where there’s paper, there are pens. Explore a dizzying array of pens, pencils, and highlighters to capture ideas and drive productivity.

  • Whiteboards and flip charts

    Get your point across by sketching big-picture ideas on a whiteboard. Alternatively, opt for an interactive whiteboard to put PowerPoint on the big screen.

  • Office tech

    Stay ahead of the curve with the latest office tech. From 360-degree video-conferencing cameras to connected office lighting systems that respond to natural light.

Office supplies: frequently asked questions

  • What do office supplies include?

    Office supplies is a broad, catch-all term that covers anything and everything you may find in an average office. It includes (but is not limited to) stationery, paper, furniture, desk accessories, folders, pens, and more.

  • What are some cool things to have in office?

    Beyond the essential office supplies, some cool things to have in your office may include a standing desk, sophisticated video-conferencing tech, interactive whiteboards, and more. You could even consider a coffee machine to let staff perk up throughout the day.

  • What should I store in my desk?

    When considering what to store in your desk, it’s good to think of what you’ll use, day-to-day. So, an obvious one could be a notepad and a pack of good quality pens. Then a desk organiser to keep everything helpfully filed away, and essentials like a stapler, hole punch and screen wipes. 

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