Amazon Business Exchange 2021

October 5, 2021 | Join us virtually as we bring in purchasing leaders from all industries to share their strategies and help you move faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

Office Supplies

Discover a vast selection of office supplies


Find millions of office supplies, all in one place, to help you save time. 

Here’s how we meet your office supply needs

Save time and money for your organisation with our one-stop shop. Amazon Business offers office supplies in all sizes and quantities, from furniture to wholesale paper and stationery supplies.

  • Bestselling products

    Find top-selling products that other trusted businesses buy most frequently.

  • Highly rated products

    Easily explore products that other customers have rated highly.

  • Deals and savings

    Tap into deals on single unit items, Quantity Discounts with bulk orders and Progressive Discounts (with Business Prime) that help you save over time.

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  • Price comparison

    Compare multiple prices for products from multiple selling partners who compete for your business.

  • Business Prime benefits

    Get what you want, when you need it with a variety of delivery options, including fast FREE delivery on eligible products with Business Prime.

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Customers save

  • 13%

    on average, when purchasing office products on Amazon Business*

*Potential savings and competitive selection information is based on data and information from similarly situated customers, and this is not a guarantee of potential savings or selection.  

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    Trusted brands

    Buy your office products from trusted brands such as HP, Epson and Brother.

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    Popular office supplies

    Browse for office products such as ink cartridges, bulk paper and stationery supplies.


“The kind of things I buy from Amazon range from any kind of cable and IT lead that I need, different kinds of paper for the design team, scanners for customer services, scales and ladders for the warehouse. You name it, I buy it.”

Louisa Collins, IT and Purchasing, IIAA

Collaborate with us and we can help propel your business forward with additional procurement strategies that save you time and money

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    Drive efficiency

    Manage tail spend and increase productivity across your organisation with customised workflows and integrations.

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    Simplify buying

    Consolidate suppliers across your organisation into one purchasing channel.

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    Gain control

    Enable teams to purchase with flexibility, while maintaining compliance with organisational policies and preferences.

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