Purchasing Workflow - Amazon Business

Efficiently manage purchasing with integrated workflow features


Consolidate purchases and invoices into a digital system to reduce paperwork and the time you spend tracking workflows. 

  • Use workflows that fit your organisation

    Use built-in Amazon Business workflows to control spending limits and set approvers. Quickly scale workflows across your organisation or customise them for different groups. Alternatively, integrate with your current e-procurement system to use existing workflows.

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  • Take advantage of VAT-exclusive pricing

    Shop with VAT-exclusive pricing for physical goods offers sold by Amazon and opted-in sellers.

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  • Invoice By Amazon

    Save time through a single supplier solution where you can gain access to products from Amazon and third party sellers, and only receive invoices from Amazon Business EU Sarl as your single supplier. 

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  • Steer buyers to the right products

    Implement Guided Buying policies (available with Business Prime) to direct buyers to preferred products or suppliers, or identify categories from which employees should not purchase. Add customised messaging to help buyers understand why products are preferred or restricted.

  • Quickly reorder common items

    Add, organise, sort, and prioritise products that you frequently purchase with Reorder Lists. Quickly reorder products from these lists, or share lists with others.


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