YPO Framework

YPO and Amazon Business


Making it easy for organisations to demonstrate compliance with public sector spending regulations.

YPO Framework

YPO, a leading provider of UK public sector procurement frameworks, have chosen Amazon Business to deliver a public sector digital marketplace. This framework agreement allows organisations including schools, councils and government departments to spend on Amazon Business while more easily demonstrating compliance with public sector spending regulations.

  • YPO Framework

    Step 1

    Register for a free Amazon Business account. Amazon Business combines the selection, convenience and value you expect from Amazon, with features that can help improve your operations.

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  • YPO Framework

    Step 2

    Once your Amazon Business account has been verified, apply to activate the YPO framework for your organisation.

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  • Great Selection & Convenience

    Reduce costs

    Keep purchasing costs low with easy access to competitive pricing and improve cash flow with more flexible payment options including Pay by Invoice*.

  • Amazon business

    Save time and effort

    A familiar marketplace that reduces the complexity of buying for work. Spend less time on purchasing and more time on growing your business.




  • Manage your VAT invoices

    Greater visibility and control

    Consolidate your team's spend on a single multi-user account, with built-in features to control how and what users buy.

  • Easier reconciliation

    Easier reconciliation

    Match the PO number to the receipt or the commercial credit card statement to your organisation’s accounts.

Stephenson Multi-Academy Trust

"Over a three-year period, the Trust estimates that they will have saved £30,000 through using Amazon Business."

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South Ayrshire were looking for added compliance while purchasing on Amazon Business. We activated the YPO framework as it gives us the peace of mind that we are getting best offer and value on the marketplace. We have also consolidated our suppliers, as Amazon has become the single supplier of invoice for all our orders. Furthermore, it has effectively solved any issues with tail spend, and was invaluable during the pandemic of getting a variety of goods we struggled to procure through our traditional suppliers

— Andrew Kerr, Procurement Manager at South Ayrshire

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We ask that when you activate the YPO framework, you commit to ensuring all users of Amazon Business in your organisation are added to your centrally administered account. This ensures you have full sight of spend, and more control, helping you best demonstrate compliance with procurement regulations. We also ask that you commit to communicating to users in your organisation that you've chosen Amazon Business as a procurement partner, for the same reason.

  • Once your Amazon Business account has been set up then it will be possible to review the product ranges and add restrictions on the procurement of these products.

  • No, you do not need a VAT number to register, this is optional. If you do not wish to add a VAT number during registration, leave the field blank and continue with your registration. If you choose to add a VAT number, it will be printed on your invoices. You can add your VAT number any time after registration through the 'Ordering and shopping preferences' on Your Account to enable this functionality.

  • You may get an error message if the VAT number is incomplete or not in the required format. Make sure that the VAT number you add is complete and in the following format - GB123456789 (2 digit country code followed by a 9 digit number).

  • Make sure that the address you have provided is correct as we match the address entered with known addresses provided by Royal Mail. If you are certain the address you have entered is correct, click the 'Save and Continue' button to ignore the error and move forward with the registration.

  • Add your business full legal name in the "Business name" field. Do not use your personal name or your department name in this section.

  • Provide your full name and job title in the "Contact information" section to verify that you are an employee of the business you are registering. Provide your name and not your department or administrator name in this section.

  • Yes. You can create an account for your business even if you are not a purchasing administrator or do not work in a purchasing function. Once an account is created, you can always add your manager and your purchasing team as additional users or account administrators.

  • Please use your business email ID to register for an Amazon Business account. We use email IDs as part of our account verification process to ensure that you work for the business you are creating an account for. We do not recommend the use of generic email IDs (e.g. info@email.com).

  • Please change the email ID on your personal Amazon account to a personal email ID (you can do this in the 'Login & Security' option on Your Account). Once you have changed your email ID, create a new Amazon Business account with your business email ID.

  • If you use your Amazon account for business purchases, you can convert your existing account to a business account. However, please ensure that the email ID associated with the account is your business email ID.

  • If you convert your personal Amazon account to an Amazon Business account, your Amazon Prime membership will automatically transition to your Amazon Business account and you will be able to access Amazon Prime Shipping Benefits.

  • If you use a personal email ID on your Amazon account, we recommend that you create a new Amazon Business account with a business email ID.If you still wish to convert to a business account, change the email ID linked to your Amazon account to your business email ID (you can do this in the 'Login & Security' option on Your Account). Once you have changed your email ID, you can convert the account to a business account.

  • If you have used your existing Amazon account to make personal purchases, we recommend that you create a new business user account (rather than converting an existing Amazon account) to protect the privacy of your account information (i.e. order history, addresses, payment methods, and personal information).

  • Yes, you can create a free Amazon Business Account. No commitment, no minimum turnover.

  • Business-only items on top of Amazon’s vast selection provides access to more than a hundred million of products.

  • A Business Prime membership offers the most cost-effective solution for Amazon Business customers who want all their account users to benefit from free premium shipping with no minimum purchase.

  • You need about 5 minutes to fill out the registration but it may take up to 3 days until your account is verified.

  • Does your company sell physical products, and you want to offer them to other companies on Amazon Business? The Amazon Business seller program offers a new set of features including lower fees on high volume transactions, automated VAT invoicing and ability to display VAT-exclusive prices among others. Tailor your offers to the needs of business customers, and increase your sales to businesses. 

  • Please contact us.

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