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Control holiday spend and wrap up gifting early

Easily manage budgets and streamline corporate gifting, shop our business gift guide, and make merry happen this holiday season.

Whether you lead a small and mighty team, have thousands of employees across multiple locations, or have clients and customers that keep your business thriving—the holidays are a perfect time to show appreciation to those who help your business thrive. Pairing our smart business buying solutions with our curated business gift guide, you can simplify the corporate gifting process and make this holiday one worth cheering about. 


Empower buyers to purchase gifts while maintaining control over spend

The holiday season is nearly here and if you’re like most organisations, it can be a stressful time to not only think of what gift to give but how to manage budgets, control spend, and track purchases. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. With Budget Management, you can have confidence in your purchasing process, set spend limits for buyers, and empower them to get what they need. Using Budget Management to set spend thresholds allows you to easily track purchasing activity and spend through reports that connect to Amazon Business Analytics. Plus, when leveraging Budget Management, you can put time back on your side by creating one purchase order instead of multiple, manual orders, while also avoiding endless auditing.

In just a few clicks, you can create a new group for business gifting, select a holiday shopping list that aligns with your holiday budget, share it with buyers, and create a policy to prefer the holiday gift list.


Great gifts are easy to find and within your budget

Now that holiday spend is in check, we’ve made it even easier for buyers to shop for gifts from our business gift guide. Buyers can find the perfect gift to spread the joy all within your holiday budget. Find products from well-recognised brands to items with more than 4-star customer reviews, ranging from £30, £50, and £100. we’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift to give thanks.


With the right spending approach this holiday season, Amazon Business can help you make sure it’s one worth cheering about.

All orders are subject to product availability and product pricing is subject to change. 

Learn more about Budget Management or connect with your customer advisor to get started.

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