IT Trends 2022 for Small Business

IT Trends for Small Business 2022

Learn about easy-to-implement tech products and accessories that can help make your small business operate more smoothly.

Whether you and your employees are working from home, the office, or around the world, these tech innovations can give your small business a boost in speed, safety, and more. 


Eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones

If your office or home office is experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity issues or dead zones, easy to install mesh Wi-Fi systems can help. As opposed to every device being connected to one main router, a Wi-Fi system centralises the connection through nodes.  


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Connect and disconnect with ease

Docking stations allow you to plug in all of your necessities - power supply, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. into ports on the docking station so that you only need one wire plugged into your laptop. You can easily connect and disconnect your laptop from the docking station and go. 


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Get a big charge out of a mini device

At one time, the larger the charging device meant the faster your device charged. Nano chargers have changed that paradigm, allowing you to power up your devices quickly with a charger that is a fraction of the size. Making it short and long distance-travel friendly.


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Password-Protect and go

Hard drives and flash (aka thumb) drives with password and pin-protection are the next iteration in the storage device. Whether you are sharing files with clients, vendors, or coworkers, this added layer of security adds peace of mind to your file-sharing and storage.


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Simplify work travel

As business travel ramps up and people continue to take advantage of flexible work arrangements, look to TSA-friendly bags to ease airline travel.  For example, the "lay-flat" backpack is designed for you to be able to unzip and expose your laptop without removing it while checking in through airport security.  A nice feature for frequent travelers.


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IT Basics    

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