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Meeting business needs: how Amazon Business differs from Amazon

Amazon Business offers the convenience, control and competitive pricing that businesses need, along with other advantages you’ve enjoyed on Amazon.

Chances are you already know the many benefits of shopping on, such as great product selection, competitive pricing and fast delivery, to name just a few.


What you may not know is that Amazon Business offers everything you love about Amazon, but  uniquely designed to meet the needs of your business — no matter how big or small. That’s why millions of customers now choose Amazon Business for their organisations.


Let’s look at just three key benefits that Amazon Business offers business customers:





Ease and convenience


Like, buyers and sellers get unmatched selection and convenience on Amazon Business. Millions of business customers from industries around the world purchase on Amazon Business, including over 50% of FTSE 100 companies, 80% of the Fortune 100 companies in the US and 25 of the DAX 30 in Germany. Business sellers include hundreds of thousands of manufacturers and distributors across most product categories.





Multiple user accounts


While accounts are designed to meet the needs of individual consumers, Amazon Business gives you a greater degree of control over access and approvals. With Amazon Business, you can create purchasing approval workflows and set spending limits for single and multiple user accounts.





Managing VAT  


Amazon Business has two types of sellers – business sellers and non-business sellers. Business sellers offer millions of products with VAT-exclusive prices and provide easily downloadable VAT invoices. For non-business sellers, VAT invoices need to be requested from the seller. Use Amazon Business to easily identify and filter products that automatically come with a downloadable VAT invoice.

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