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ABX 2021 Unveiled Sustainability as a key priority for procurement leaders

Business Leaders from Acciona, Diebold Nixdorf, and Capita joined Amazon Business Exchange 2021 to discuss the ways in which procurement can be sustainable

One key panel discussion at ABX featured Fernando Hinojosa, Head of Global Strategic Sourcing and Corporate Procurement Processes and Systems, Acciona where he said: “Procurement and the supply chain has been identified at Acciona as one of the main enablers of sustainability. We’re managing 50,000 suppliers, and we are monitoring that all follow and fulfill at least the minimum social and environmental requirements.  We are leveraging Amazon’s procurement function to find the best partners for reducing our carbon footprint, and for co-innovating with them to find more sustainable and preventive solutions.,” he added. 

Over 1500 procurement leaders joined Amazon Business Exchange virtually on the 5th of October. Our third annual procurement conference had talks from senior business leaders on the ways in which businesses can develop their supply chains through intelligent purchasing and new leadership models – and sustainability was an area that caught the most attention.


Christopher Kallscheid, Executive Sponsor for EU Sustainability and Country Manager for Amazon Business Spain said: “Amazon Business has released over 100 features in 2021, and many of our recent launches have been helping businesses become more sustainable.” One example is guided buying. Amazon Business Prime members can now use guided buying to create a policy that automatically marks Climate Pledge Friendly products as in line with their preferred sustainable attributes. This policy solves for a growing customer need, especially for large enterprises and public sector companies, that require features to support a variety of sustainability goals and requirements. Another area is shipment and packaging: “Customers can choose to consolidate orders to reduce shipments, or select off-peak traffic times for their deliveries. And we’re adopting new packaging techniques that are better sized and made from recyclable material, to avoid waste and damage”, Kallscheid added. Analytics programs give administrators visibility on spend on certified products, and the ability to generate reports to demonstrate their performance versus sustainability goals.

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