ABB Customer Success Story - ABX 2019


ABX 2019 Winner of the Visionary Award:

Scaling procurement in today’s world to meet user expectations



ABB is a multinational corporation operating in robotics, power and automation. To work toward their vision of scaling procurement in today’s world to meet their users’ expectations, they’ve scaled their Amazon Business account over 42 legal entities and have been able to reduce free text orders by double digit percentages, whilst increasing the end user satisfaction in the buying process.


What made them the winner of the 2019 ABX Visionary Award is their ambition to ensure a buying population of over 1,400 users across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Poland have access to the account as well as having an account open in the US.




“In our fast-moving world today, it’s all about the user experience,” said Alexander George, Procurement & Logistic Business Partner Switzerland Hub at ABB. “My vision is to empower our internal clients that they can do quick self-service through modern technology.”

— Daniel Stumm, Global Head of Indirect Materials & Services, ABB