Portus Digital Customer Success Story

Portus Digital  

The online tech retailer working to make UK businesses more sustainable.

Every year in the UK we discard an estimated two million tonnes of e-waste – including everything from toasters and pocket calculators, to photocopiers and fax machines.


With new technology introduced all the time, the lifespan of some products is getting shorter with consumers replacing phones, computers and other IT supplies more regularly. If e-waste is not disposed of or recycled properly it can have a detrimental effect on the environment for hundreds of years.


This cycle of e-waste is front-of-mind for businesses as they look to better manage their carbon footprint and reach sustainability commitments.


Spotting this demand for more sustainable tech hardware solutions among businesses, Tash Clementis (Director of Marketing) and Rob Judd (Director of Sales) set up Portus Digital as a provider of more sustainable technology products.


To help businesses better tackle e-waste, Portus Digital introduced two key services. Firstly, customers can request free collection and disposal of old or unwanted technology, making the recycling of older products more accessible.


Secondly, Portus Digital introduced a new range of upgradable and customisable all-in-one computers to reduce the need to replace equipment and to suit the needs of each individual customer.


“We’re committed to helping our customers make the right decisions about technology in their business, understanding that their decision has been as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible,” says Tash.


Rob and Tash expanded Portus Digital’s presence to Amazon Business in January this year and they’ve had a great response from businesses. “We launched on Amazon to help more businesses make sustainable IT decisions,” says Rob. “We’re pleased by the response we’ve managed to generate so far – it’s exceeded our expectations.”


Making tech more sustainable


Portus Digital has invested time and effort into ensuring the services and products that they offer are as sustainable as possible. “Our aim is to be a frontrunner in the industry and set an example of how it is possible to combine technology and sustainability,” explains Tash. “People are more likely to choose a greener option when it’s easier and more accessible.”


They use green and carbon neutral couriers and shipping options wherever possible, supporting projects that offset carbon emissions generated by logistics. They also place an emphasis on eco-packaging, using 100% recycled and recyclable materials. Anything that cannot be reused is properly recycled.


Portus Digital also offers a WEEE-certified collection service where customers can arrange for old products and packaging to be picked up and either recycled or donated. Business customers are also encouraged to lease their tech when shopping with Portus Digital, as this ensures the products are reused or properly recycled at the end of the leasing term.


The all-in-one computer launched by the business has also helped to combat the ‘throwaway culture’ surrounding tech. The computers offer several key benefits from an environmental perspective. They use 25-35% less plastic than similar products on the market and key components can be upgraded or replaced as needed, so entire units do not need to be replaced.


The practical design can fit all office spaces and the computer has been a huge success. “The first batch of our all-in-one computer sold out quickly, showing us that there is a demand,” says Rob. “This is a great sign for the future!”


Portus Digital is also committed to supporting environmental charities including Carbon Footprint, whose environmental initiatives across the globe include building wildlife habitats to support biodiversity and tree-planting.

“Our end goal is to support a greener future by inspiring every customer and helping them be more aware of their carbon footprint, ultimately creating a greener future. The all-in-one computer was so successful for us and showed that there was a demand for more sustainable tech.”

— Rob Judd, Director of Sales, Portus Digital

Creating a greener future


“Our end goal is to support a greener future by inspiring every customer and helping them be more aware of their carbon footprint, ultimately creating a greener future,” explains Rob. “The all-in-one computer was so successful for us and showed that there was a demand for more sustainable tech.”


“We also want to partner with other sustainable businesses, to ensure every aspect of our offering is environmentally friendly and informed by the latest developments. That includes working with more courier services that can provide carbon neutral delivery of our products,” says Tash.


Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs


If you’re looking to launch a business or break into a new sector, Tash and Rob’s most important advice is to find your niche in an industry, run with it and make yourself heard. “We have used our platforms, such as the Amazon Business storefront, to promote our products and to amplify our messages around sustainability,” says Rob.


Tash adds a recommendation for Amazon Business: “Chances are your brand will hit the ground running with Amazon Business.” Sellers should prepare for strong demand since businesses often buy in bulk.


New business owners should also be prepared to make mistakes and learn on the job, Tash mentions: “Don’t feel like you need to have all your ducks lined up right away. You’re unlikely to get everything right the first time. Make a start and make improvement a continuous process.”


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