Drive compliance

Drive compliance

Create buying policies and approval flows that encourage buyers to adhere to your organisation's purchasing ethos.

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  • Balance employee empowerment with purchasing control

    Balance employee empowerment with purchasing control

    Create flexible policies: identify preferred products or sellers, solicit approvals for orders over specific spend limits and from restricted sellers or categories, and block purchases from certain categories. Communicate the rationale for these policies thus empowering buyers to get what they need while adhering to organisational mandates.  

  • Steer buyers to products your organisation recommends

    Steer buyers to products your organisation recommends

    Identify your organisation's preferred products or sellers, restrict or block product categories, to guide buyer behavior. Access this Guided Buying feature by signing up for Business Prime. Identifying preferred sellers and restricting categories is available with Business Prime small, medium, and enterprise plans while blocking categories is available with the enterprise plan.

  • Manage purchasing and avoid bottlenecks

    Manage purchasing and avoid bottlenecks

    Identify the right approver for each policy, and assign multiple approvers, each with the ability to grant permission for a faster turnaround. Enable batch approvals so that buyers get what they need, when they need it.

University of Leicester Amazon Business success story

How the University of Leicester solved audit and compliance challenges with Amazon Business

“Being able to see clearly what has been ordered in real time with the system, instead of spending time chasing records at the end of the month allows us to use our time more wisely, making sure the university procurement function is running as smoothly as possible.” - Anthony Midgley, Category Manager and Procurement Systems Lead, University of Leicester

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