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Purchasing Optimisation Solutions

Save on business purchasing with essential items and deals that your buyers can easily access, plus convenient selection and delivery features to make the whole process fit around your business

How Amazon Business can help with purchasing

Business purchasing has never been simpler – or more efficient. Powered by Amazon Business, we offer an online store with a vast range of sellers competing for your business. 


Benefit from a smooth purchasing process with our streamlined onboarding that enables you to add new buyers to your accounts in a flash. And our sophisticated infrastructure offers a real-time view of your account – from orders to replenishment.  

Benefits of purchasing optimisation solutions

  • Increase access to selection and deals

    Increase access to selection and deals

    Shop the most comprehensive online store for business purchasing, with multiple offers from competing sellers. Find bulk volumes and take advantage of quantity discounts, as well as ways to save with instant discounts and a custom supplier analysis.

    Explore savings
  • Quickly and securely onboard your buyers

    Quickly and securely onboard your buyers

    Add as many users as you need using fast and secure options to bring them all into one account. Buyers can then access Amazon Business directly with Single-Sign On (SSO).

    Add and manage people on your account
  • Simplify your purchasing operations

    Simplify your purchasing operations

    Simplify buying by leveraging Amazon Business' budgeting, fulfilment, and replenishment solutions. Empower every purchaser to get what they need – when they need it – with purchasing steps matched to your operations.

Improve the purchasing process with Amazon Business

Amazon Business simplifies the purchasing process in several ways.

  • Makes it easy to reorder products 

    Sophisticated replenishment solutions allow you to easily reorder products. From creating lists of regular items to setting up recurring orders, you don’t need to worry about having to remember what, and when.

  • Helps you set spending rules for buyers

    Create policies that govern how much your employees can spend and make it easier for them to stay within the rules with Guided Buying, a feature of Amazon Business Prime.

    Learn more about the benefits of Guided Buying
  • Gives you more options for delivery

    Customise delivery preferences to get your products when and where you want them. Select days and times and capture notes for the driver.

    Learn more our shipping options
  • Wraps up orders with a 3-Way Match

    Be certain an order has been received before confirming the receipt thanks to new technology that unites your order with its receipt and invoice.

    Learn more about 3-Way Match

Purchasing Supplies and Equipment for your Business

Amazon grew from a garage and we have poured everything we’ve learned into Amazon Business. So, you can be sure of the best possible business purchasing experience.

The Procurement Life Cycle

  • Sourcing

    Selecting a supplier, known as sourcing, is the first stage of procurement. For bigger organisations this can be complex and involve RFP processes – draining time and resources.

  • Contract

    The next stage is to arrange a contract with your chosen supplier to confirm terms and conditions and prices. Supplier contracts can leave you committed to higher prices should the prices fall during its terms.

  • Procure

    The purchasing process is now properly under way, with the procurement of products from the chosen supplier. Payment is often dealt with by your company’s accounts payable team.

  • Management

    Supplier management is all about ensuring suppliers are acting in line with your contract and that relationships between them and your company are good. This can be time-consuming.

Move your organisation forward with Amazon Business

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    Same Amazon you know and love – but for work!

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    Easier and more cost-effective business purchasing

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    Access hundreds of millions of products

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    Options for fast, free shipping

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    Business-only pricing on eligible items

Business purchasing case studies


Want to learn how Amazon Business has helped companies large and small transform their purchasing process? From global corporations like Uber to non-profit organisation, explore our Success Stories.

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