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Optimise cash flow


Free up cash using flexible payment solutions from Amazon Business.

  • Pay by invoice

    Buy now and pay 30 days later at Amazon Business with no upftont interest or fees (subject to satisfactory credit checkes and individual credit limit)

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  • Payment methods

    Use either individual payment methods for employees to add their own payment during purchase checkout, or set up shared payment methods to use across the team or company.

  • Business Credit Cards

    With the Amazon Business American Express Card you can choose between earning Rewards or extra time to pay. Learn how the Amazon Business American Express Card was designed to meet the unique needs of businesses.

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  • Business Order info

    Receive detailed invoices with purchase order numbers to simplify reconciliation.

Buying for your organisation has never been easier

You can choose from multiple payment methods, and easily set up your account to ensure seamless purchasing. Organise buyers into groups so they can purchase using shared payment methods. Put controls in place to better manage and track spending within your organisation. 

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