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Amazon Business App Center

Explore apps that help you integrate smart business solutions into your purchasing experience.

Save time and money

The Amazon Business App Center is a one-stop shop where business customers can discover third-party apps integrated with Amazon Business. Discovery and quick setup of apps in the App Center help you save both time and money that can be incurred on the development of custom solutions.

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Get started

Rather than downloading or installing an app on a device, customers can simply select and connect to an app, then manage the app within the App Center. Follow the below steps:

  1. Sign into your Amazon Business account. If you don’t have an account yet, set one up. It’s free!
  2. Go to the Amazon Business App Center. Filter and browse applications to find the right app for your organization.
  3. While logged into your Amazon Business account, select the App Center app you’d like to enable. Click “Connect app” and follow related flows for that app, or share the app details with your account admin if you are not an admin.
  4. Activate the integration. Begin using your new app.

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“Thanks to the Amazon Business App Center, connecting our customers' Amazon business accounts to Awardco has never been simpler. This seamless integration has empowered us to offer millions of reward options, elevating the employee recognition experience to new heights."

— Steve Sonnenberg, CEO, Awardco

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