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10 ways Amazon Business can help drive your organisation forward

Wouldn’t it be great to find an efficient, cost effective way to source the products your business needs, so you can focus more time and energy on achieving your goals?

Here are ten ways your organisation can gain time and cost savings with a free Amazon Business account.


1.  Suitable for businesses of all sizes


Whether you’re starting, growing or transforming, Amazon Business is designed to respond to your organisation’s individual needs. With a wide variety of features, you can equip your business with the tools to help you accomplish your goals.




2.    Get what you need from a wide range of product categories


In a fast-moving environment, it’s important to find what you need, when you need it. An Amazon Business account gives you access to millions of products for your business. This can save valuable time, so you can focus on advancing your business.




3.    Free up time by delegating purchasing tasks


As your company grows, you might want to add more people to your account to free up time for you to focus on developing your business. With an Amazon Business account, you can delegate purchasing to your staff members and keep track with features like purchasing approval workflows and spending limits.




4.    Drive down your costs through business pricing


It’s important to achieve the best possible value for your organisation. With an Amazon Business account, you can find new business offers and discounts every day on everything you need, from office essentials to cleaning products. Acquire extra value through everyday deals on a large variety of items.




5.    Save time with VAT invoice management policies


With an Amazon Business account, you can process items that automatically come with a VAT invoice, to create a more streamlined, efficient auditing process. This can save you valuable time, which you can invest into your business.




6.    Unlock extra credit options


Sometimes you need extra credit to keep your business moving forward. An Amazon Business account can help with cashflow, so you can keep realising your ambitions. As well as using company credit and debit cards, as a business customer you can also use Pay by Invoice, which has a 30-day term (subject to credit approval).




7.    Access business-only products


Why can’t purchasing be smarter, simpler and designed for your business? An Amazon Business account gives you a wide selection of products exclusively for businesses, putting what you need into your hands. This means you can find the right items in less time and with less energy, so you can focus on reaching your goals.

8.    Receive tiered quantity discounts on the items you need


When margins are tight, it’s great to make savings wherever you can. With Amazon Business, you can get discounts on items you buy in bulk. Just look for the icon to see how many you need to buy to unlock the discount. business customers can see price discounts in up to five quantity tiers and can request special prices on even larger orders.




9.    Get additional benefits with a Business Prime account


When your business needs to respond in an agile and fast-paced way, it’s useful to have as many tools available as possible. With Business Prime, you can still enjoy the same unlimited Two-Day and One-Day delivery options, as well as Amazon Day, and you can choose which day you want to receive your orders, so you can fit it around your other priorities. A Business Prime account also gives you tools like Spend Visibility and Guided Buying, features which help you to gain more insights into what you buy.




10.    Gain more insights into your business and spending


Why can’t managing spend be simpler? Amazon Business Analytics helps you monitor purchases and activity to keep track of procurement on your terms.



You can automate some processes, so you don’t have to slow down. Amazon Business Analytics also offers advanced analytics and dashboards, so you can spend less time on processes and focus your energy on moving your business forward.



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